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Software Development Engineer at Amazon (Seattle, WA)

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You have super powers. Use them for good. We catch bad guys and stop online fraud. Its fun. Its hard. It matters. We need you.Amazons Seller Fraud Prevention team is engaged in a technological arms race: cyber-criminals from across the world continually look for new ways to steal from us and cover their tracks, while we invent new techniques to detect and neutralize them with ever increasing speed and scale.Its fun. We dont just catch the bad guys; we stop crimes before they happen. Remember the "Minority Report"? Its just like that. Basically, we predict the future by developing and applying cutting-edge machine learning systems to detect, predict, and prevent online fraud before it happens.Its hard. This is Amazon, so of course our services are low latency, high throughput, highly scalable, and failure proof. Our fraud prevention systems are also highly reactive: we process multiple terabytes of data yet notice changes in individual behavior patterns in seconds. Even by Amazon standards, our datasets are massive and our transaction rates impressive, and everything is built with a scrupulous attention to security.It matters. Amazon is one of the worlds most trusted companies. Consider the implications of losing that trust. Third-party sellers account for nearly half the items purchased on Amazon. This nearly always goes smoothly; but when sellers cheat buyers, everyone loses. Even after we refund their money, buyers are less likely to shop at Amazon in the future. Legitimate sellers lose potential sales and are less likely to sell on Amazon. And of course, the money Amazon pays in refunds and chargebacks goes straight to our bottom line and ultimately results in higher prices for all our customers.We are looking for a gifted software engineer to design the next generation of fraud risk management systems for Amazon.Amazon is one of the worlds most trusted companies. Help us keep it that way.