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Numer referencyjny: C/ZS

lokalizacja cała Polska / praca zdalna kategoria Programista, C++


Our client is a company that develops software for clinics, private practices, and NFZ offices.


  • Knowledge of data structures: spatial and temporal trade-offs of basic data structures and algorithms (arrays, linked lists, trees, hash tables),
  • understanding of fundamental data structure traversal and search algorithms,
  • comprehension of multithreading issues (race conditions, deadlock), and synchronization primitives,
  • familiarity with system programming: compilers and linkers, static and dynamic linking, libraries, stack, multithreading, socket-level programming,
  • awareness of common application errors: memory leaks, heap corruption, IPC,
  • ability to design well-structured and normalized database schemas, understanding of indexes,
  • knowledge of basic design patterns (singleton, factory, proxy, strategy),
  • code readability and organization,
  • understanding of defensive programming,
  • English min. B2 level.


  • Writing standards-compliant C++ code,
  • developing APIs and communicating with databases,
  • close collaboration with other developers involved in the project,
  • optimizing applications for error reduction,
  • overseeing application performance,
  • detecting and eliminating potential bugs,
  • maintaining code security,
  • preparing reports and analyses related to the project.

Our Client offers:

  • Direct impact on product development,
  • flexible working hours and remote work options,
  • private healthcare, sports card, group life insuraance, language lessons,
  • regular evaluations as part of your development,
  • opportunities to participate in trainings, conferences, and meetups,
  • B2B contract or contract of employment.
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