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Robotics Software Engineer at Brain Corporation (San Diego, CA)

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Brain Corp is a San Diego-based AI company that specializes in the development of self-driving technology. Our AI tech represents the next generation of artificial brains for robots - it enables machines to perceive, learn, and navigate complex environments, while avoiding people and obstacles. We partner with commercial equipment manufacturers, and global consumer electronics brands, to transform their products into self-driving robots. We are looking for a Robotics Software Engineer with the ability to solve complex robotics problems with innovative solutions. As core member of our group you will work with our world-class team of engineers and developers to to maintain the highest quality of robotics software. These tasks comprise in-depth analysis of critical challenges our robots encounter and to develop novel algorithm solving those challenges. Your contributions will be pivotal in advancing our mission: safe and reliable robots everywhere. What You Need B.S., M.S., or Ph.D Degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field Experience working in large code bases of mixed Python and C++ and Python extensions Ability to produce computationally efficient software that can meet real-time requirements Git knowledge Strong coding skills Python and C++ in Linux environment 4+ years experience (industry experience) Problem analysis and solving skills Things That Make a Difference Experience designing and developing robotic systems using a robotic middleware (such as ROS), and existing libraries and tools Experience with continuous integration, deployment, and release management tools Proven system integration and software architecture skills Good working knowledge of robotics and surrounding systems Understanding of various aspects of sensors like lidars, cameras, and IMU Ability to work with low-level embedded hardware and high-level hardware system This position is located in our San Diego headquarters and reports to the Director of Engineering.