CARFAX Europe GmbH Company Profile

Senior Developer for diverse, international data company focusing on Java at CARFAX Europe GmbH (München, Deutschland)

About the Employer

Job Description

As a Senior Developer at CARFAX Europe you will be a part of an agile, cross-functional team that is responsible for the full lifecycle and operation of its product(s). You will develop tools and services for both our internal and external customers. Being a senior and having gained valuable experience in the past, you enable the team to establish and improve sustainable practices such as Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Design, and Pair Programming.  You will strengthen your team by providing feedback and guidance in order to better achieve your goals together.

As a member of the Product Delivery team you will be responsible for building products on top of Carfax Europe’s diverse data sets. You will develop applications that derive meaning from our data in an efficient and highly scalable manner. These products are used both internally for analysis and for external customer integrations. We are in the process of modernizing our core business applications, and you will have a direct impact on both the technologies used and the overall system design. Our teams work in a DevOps focused environment, solving problems dealing with both application and infrastructure architecture.  We believe in allowing our development teams to choose the right tools and frameworks to solve their problems, having direct input on how and where the team’s code is distributed.

What you should bring:

  • Fluency in English is required. We are a culturally diverse English-speaking office and you should feel comfortable working in such an environment.
  • Strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and SOLID principles.
  • Experience with software architecture and system design. You should be capable of presenting and helping other teams to understand your vision.
  • 5+ years of Experience with Python and/or Java.
  • Knowledge of modern front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • The ability to work and collaborate using Agile methodologies. We practice Pair Programming, and you will too!
  • Experience writing self-verifying software using unit and integration testing. We expect our developers to use Test-Driven Development, or similar testing methodologies.
  • Relational database experience with MySql, MariaDB, or another similar platform.
  • Experience designing and implementing Web Services that follow the REST standard.
  • Working knowledge of CI/CD pipelines using tools such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, or Travis CI.

What would be great:

  • Knowledge of a CSS framework such as LESS or SASS.
  • Experience with one or more Java frameworks such as Spring, Spark Framework, or other micro frameworks.
  • Experience with one or more Python frameworks such as Django, Flask, or Falcon.
  • MongoDB or other NoSql database experience.
  • Experience utilizing caching systems such as Redis or Memcache.
  • Designing applications around message queueing systems such as Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ or JMS.
  • Production experience with containerization using Docker.
  • You have used a container orchestration framework such as Apache Mesos, Docker Swarm, or Amazon ECS.
  • Experience writing APIs that follow the GraphQL standard.
  • You have supported highly available and scalable solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another cloud provider. Even better if you used Terraform!

CARFAX Europe is the leading Vehicle History data company within the European market. We work with Vehicle History data focused on both Consumer and B2B products that improve the used car buying and selling experience. Currently we are around 20 IT professionals working in our headquarters in Munich, plus a few remote members. In total, we are a 55-person company made up of 19 different nationalities - so our company language is English! Most of the company is situated in Munich, with several colleagues located in Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland.