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Software Engineer at Dafiti (Água Branca, Brazil)

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Job Description

What does a Software Engineer do at Dafiti?  We expect you to: build highly concurrent microservices; design beautiful RESTful APIs; construct apps with functional programming principles and/or object oriented patterns; build low-latency, highly resilient apps using reactive programming principles; help us with our agile culture; talk with our partners from other countries; and be nice. What do we look before hire new engineers?  You will be a good match if you: are a fast learner; have good knowledge in algorithm and data structures; already have worked with agile principles (Scrum, Kanban, Lean); enjoy challenges and debates; already use functional programming principles in your apps; are familiar with asynchronous messaging (with Kafka, RabbitMQ or alike); have solid knowledge in both SQL and NoSQL databases; and can communicate in English. And it’d be nice if you: know Java 8, Kotlin, Scala or Clojure; know PHP (yes, for legacy systems); know RESTful; know Vertx.io, Akka, Spring Web Flux, ReactiveX or any reactive library; know Event Sourcing; and already have built a reactive app and launched it on production. Benefits CLT; meal ticket; profit sharing; discount for all Dafiti Group products.