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Quality Assurance Engineer - Automation - Fintech at Deposit Solutions GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)

Deposit Solutions GmbH
This job is 16 months old and is probably not available anymore.

Job Description

Be part of the future by joining us, the fastest growing FinTech company in the world, backed by leading tech investors such as Peter Thiel and! We aren’t just jumping on the Open Banking train: we are the pioneers and have been delivering Open Banking Solutions long before it became a hot topic. Since 2011 we’ve been connecting banks across Europe to solve problems for them and for their customers. Our Open Banking platform provides an infrastructure for the EUR 10 trillion deposit market in Europe to the benefit of the people, banks and society at large.

At Deposit Solutions we are working on getting rid of manual testing. We need QA engineers with a good understanding of Continuous Delivery and what’s necessary from the development and testing perspective.

We think that quality starts with good requirements and a process that automatically integrates the different components of our applications; testing properly the different system levels before we integrate them.

What the job is about:

  • Your main goal will be to influence the teams so that they continuously improve, and having a high level of quality you will promote proper engineering processes and improving the testability of the system
  • You will build tools to increase the transparency on team velocity, coverage and quality
  • You will collaborate with developers to improve the test coverage
  • You will write scripts to automate testing and create tools for developers test their own code
  • You will navigate developers’ code, finding gaps in coverage or suggesting changes to make the system testable
  • You will automatize any repeated tasks

Our basic requirements include:

  • Having good experience in testing Java applications, and can manage and work with Java code.
  • Having tested Services in a High-Availability, Clustered setting.
  • Being able to perform queries on SQL Databases.
  • Having worked on Backend Testing
  • Having knowledge of some of the following tools and frameworks: Rest Assure, JMeter, Selenium, WebDriver, SoapUI.
  • Having some degree of experience with either Performance, Load or Stress Testing, preferably with JMeter.
  • Having some knowledge of BDD (Behavioral Driven Development) methodology.
  • Being able to work on an Agile environment.
  • Having some knowledge of CI/CD tools like Jenkins
  • Being someone with an eagerness to learn and develop on whatever gaps there may be between your skillset and our requirements.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Come with a very advanced level of knowledge of Java code.
  • Have tested services splitting them into individual testing environments using Mocking Tools for the task.
  • Have tested Microservices and REST API specifically in a Java context.
  • Come with good knowledge of BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
  • Be able to develop a complete strategy for Services and Microservices testing from scratch.
  • Be comfortable with SQL Databases at a higher level than queries (Stored Procedures, Performance Tuning).
  • Have some level of knowledge of No-SQL Databases, particularly MongoDB.
  • Be fully comfortable with Performance, Load and Stress testing.
  • Be very used to working in Agile environments.
  • Have extensive exposure to CI/CD concepts, be an advanced Jenkins user and be able to directly support other QA and Software Development engineers with these concepts and tools.
  • Be are a team-player and a self-starter who can contribute on day one, “hit the ground running”, and quickly become a mentor for more junior engineers.

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