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Security Engineer at Dynamic Signal (Bellevue, WA)

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Dynamic Signal is seeking an experienced security engineer to provide security policies and procedures, respond to network security events, develop remediation plans, and implement dedicated and reactive countermeasures This position requires a dynamic individual with proven leadership and strong technical skills, who is a clear communicator and a team player. Dynamic Signal is an Employee Communication and Engagement Platform trusted by more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 to connect, align, and engage employees. We need you to help develop tools and services that improve our products and solve the needs of our fast-growing list of customers. This is also a unique opportunity to join in the opening of our newest engineering office led by the VP of Engineering, a founding member of Dynamic Signal. Culture is important, and this is your chance to help shape it from the beginning of a rapidly expanding team! What will you do? Security and compliance are your focus. You’ll be on the front-lines of Dynamic Signal’s compliance with standards such as SOC and GDPR, along with responding to regular audits and penetration tests. Educate development and quality assurance teams about potential vulnerabilities such as injection, CSRF, and XSS. Collaborate closely with the existing engineering, product, IT, and legal teams. You’ll analyze requirements & technical designs and be responsible for making sure implementations are secure from the beginning Understand Dynamic Signal’s RESTful APIs, C# ASP.NET web architecture, React.js front-ends, Swift and Java mobile applications. Research the potential impact of existing and new vulnerabilities. You are always up to date with sources such as CWE or OWASP. You will need to interpret logs, draw conclusions, and provide root cause analysis. Explore modern techniques for improving our secure development practices and proactive defenses.