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Cloud Engineer (DevOps) at Escale (São Paulo, Brazil)

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Our business Escale is a rapidly growing customer acquisition company located in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2013 by two American entrepreneurs in their apartment in Vila Madalena, Escale today boasts more than 450 employees. We use data and technology to deliver more intelligent and optimized buying experiences to consumers. We manage the end-to-end sales funnel for big brands in industries such as telecom, healthcare and education with a simple thesis: the best sales strategy is to deliver an amazing buying experience to end users. With recent investments from top VCs such as Kaszek Ventures, Global Founders Capital and Redpoint e.Ventures, we are expanding our engineering and data teams to develop a world class customer acquisition platform. About Us We dream big and constantly focus on the customer, knowing that what we do today are the building blocks for the greater future. We have a highly diverse culture and intend to keep it that way, respecting everyone regardless of their age, sex, skin color, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or experience level. And recently, we launched a corporate campaign to not only respect but also encourage women empowerment  #escalecomoumagarota  . We put deep understanding of agile values, above specific processes and methodologies. We make decisions based on data and are highly results oriented. Our culture resembles a sport team more than a family, where trust and respect are earned by winning hard battles together. About You ‍ ‍ You’re a master of your craft and a relentless problem solver. You think critically and question everything, seeking deep understanding of concepts and business problems. You are transparent and a tireless truth teller, sharing information in an efficient and constructive way to improve the environment around you. You’re an outlier, you do and achieve things that most people find hard or even impossible. You’re humble and a solid team contributor, and, of course, you’re eager to learn surrounded by people who will give you all the support you need! Our tech stack We believe that each squad should be free to work with the technologies that is best suited for the task at hand. While most of what we do is with  Node.js , we also leverage the power of  Go  and the versatility of  Python . We also use both  GCP  and  AWS  for different parts of our products, always trying to make the most of what Kubernetes and the Serverless framework each have to offer. If you want to know more about what we think of tech, check out our  Technology Radar  and the open source work that we do here, at GitHub . docker ,  kubernetes ,  serverless ,  aws-lambda ,  sqs ,  sns ,  kafka ,  datadog ,  cloudwatch ,  amazon-web-services ,  google-cloud-platform ,  git ,  rabbitmq ,  redis ,  postgres ,  mongodb . Desired Skills and Expertise Expected Qualifications Work experience with containerized environment and container orchestration (Docker) Experience with log analytics, like Elasticsearch, Kibana and Datadog Practical knowledge of NoSQL databases, like MongoDB and Redis Experience with open standards and open source technologies Experience with cloud computing (AWS, GCP), as well as scalability and performance problems Previous work experience with RabbitMQ, Kafka or other messaging systems Hands-on experience with continuous integration, automated deployment and testing Deep understanding of agile principles and their practical applications as well as DevOps mindset Naturally self-driven collaborator Preferred Qualifications BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related discipline Peer-reviewed publications in software related discipline Team coaching and technical leadership Experience leading a paradigm shift to Kubernetes