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Linux IT Engineer - Full Time, Permanent at GÉANT (Cambridge, UK)

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We have a fantastic opportunity for a Linux IT Engineer to join our team. The role could be based in either our Amsterdam office or Cambridge office and we will welcome applications for either location. You will play a pivotal role in the organization duties include installing the server system, configuration updating, operating and maintaining the system hardware as well as software, managing failures in the system, etc. You also need to troubleshoot and maintain the servers, the user accounts, security etc, and you have responsibility for managing the disk space as well as back-up. Our ideal person We are looking for someone who is not only good at what they do, but they enjoy it! In an ideal world, we would like someone who has experience of the following: In-depth knowledge of Linux fundamentals, file systems, networking, etc. In-depth knowledge of common Linux deployed services, such as email, web (apache, nginx), authentication Experienced Linux BAU support - 1st, 2nd and 3rd line CentOS (or RHEL) OS, deployment and management experience, including experience with either RedHat Satellite or open-source equivalents (Katello/Foreman) Scripting - Bash and Python (or other scripting language). Knowledge of other languages like Ruby or Go is a plus. Server monitoring systems, especially NagiosXI (but other OK as well) Database administration - one or more of MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL VM deployment, esp. to VMware VM orchestration knowledge (Docker, Kubernetes) Load balancing (HAProxy) Puppet configuration management (knowledge of Chef and Ansible is a plus) Linux network troubleshooting and management Version control systems, especially Git Working knowledge of WordPress administration Project work related to in-house technologies You'll also need to have an open and collaborative approach to team-working with great communication skills!  Benefits of working for GÉANT You’ll receive excellent benefits at GÉANT – we offer a generous holiday allowance and a 5% end of year bonus as standard. We invest in learning to help our people become the best at what they do. We offer limited flexible working (around core business hours) and the opportunity to work from home on an occasional basis. The other benefits you receive will depend on the country you are employed in, but you can rest assured that these will include an appropriate pension scheme and medical insurance. Why work for GÉANT? We offer a blazing-fast, cutting-edge network that connects scientists, researchers and academics across Europe and the world. Thanks to our terabit network, 50 million researchers, scientists, academics and students can share record volumes of data unconstrained by location, solving some of mankind’s biggest challenges. Work at GÉANT and you’ll be supporting critical research into sustainable energy, deep space, high-energy physics, earth observation, environmental disasters, medicine and more!