Gen25 Company Profile

Front-End Developer at Gen25 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

About the Employer

Job Description

We are looking for a Front-End Developer to join our Front-End team. The role requires good technical skills as well as an affinity with design and UX, combined with a keen eye for detail. As Front-End Developer, you will be involved in building high level visualizations, in close collaboration with our internal Designers.

Your background

  • Fluent in HTML and knowledgeable on CSS and pre-processors
  • Capable of writing "Vanilla" Javascript
  • Able to transform Photoshop and Sketch designs into maintainable code
  • Experienced in optimizing and passionate about building modular and efficient code
  • Driven to innovate and create new solutions to existing problems
  • Experience with GIT and working wit Rest APIs
  • Good understanding of developing for multiple browsers and of object-oriented and functional programming
  • Independent, pragmatic and pro-active work attitude
  • Professional / college level of working and thinking
  • Minimum availability of 4 days per week (32 hrs)

Your responsibilities

  • Working on websites we build for customers based on a custom-made CMS
  • Working within Salesforce on internal and external customized solutions
  • Continually staying up-to-date on the latest technologies, remaining able to implement them