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This job is 7 months old and is probably not available anymore.

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# Make An Impact On Healthcare [PolicyStat's]( mission is to improve healthcare delivery through better processes. We help our clients make their policies and procedures easier to find, access, and manage. Hundreds of hospitals use our SaaS application to ensure that this critical information is correct, their staff can find it, and that it supports regulatory compliance. [More than 250,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical error]( Many of these deaths could have been prevented with existing best practices for quality and patient safety. A hospital's best tool for standardizing and implementing these life-saving improvements are their written policies and procedures. # Python + Django Software Engineer **ON-SITE**: Indianapolis, IN or Toronto, Canada **REMOTE**: Indiana, New Jersey, and other locations As a critical member of our small product team, you'll assume several roles including back-end and front-end development, on-call support, API design, architecture, operations and database engineering. ## Technical Requirements - Demonstrated proficiency with Python and Django - Demonstrated understanding of Linux, Git, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 ## Cultural Requirements - Ability to work effectively and collaborate on a small team. - Excellent communication skills and strong teamwork ethic. - Passion and enthusiasm for creating amazing products and delivering unparalleled user experience. - Strongly motivated by opportunities to positively impact the direction of the company and products. ## Responsibilities - Serve in the weekly rotation for triage of escalated support questions and server alerts. - Take initiative to address pain points that you and/or the team experience by working to improve the software, tools or processes of PolicyStat. - Review code contributed by the team and get it ready for production. - Design, develop, document, and write automated tests for new features. - Proactively analyze, diagnose, and resolve software regressions. - Write well designed, testable, efficient code. ## Highly Desired Skills - Demonstrated proficiency with React, GraphQL, MySQL, IPSec, SAML. - A GitHub profile with lots of code and experience contributing to open source projects. ## Compensation and Benefits - Market-based salary from $80k to $110k+ USD - Health (including telemedicine) with HSA, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance - 10 paid holidays - PTO: 15 days each year to start; 20 days starting the calendar year of third anniversary - Annual paid team trip to engineering conference (Djangocon, pycon, etc) - (on-site) Weekly catered team lunches # About PolicyStat - Founded in 2006, [acquired]( by [RLDatix]( in 2019. - Technology stack: Python 3.7, Django 2.2, AWS (RDS, EC2, S3), Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, GraphQL, React (work in progress) - Toolkit: Git, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Trello, [GitHub](, Jenkins, continuous delivery / daily deploys (1000 in 2019), fast iterations - See our [Stack Overflow Company]( page # Apply ## Interview Process - Application review. - Complete a [work sample]( (

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