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Software Developer: Java, C++, Python at Goldman Sachs (London, UK)

About the Employer

Job Description

At Goldman Sachs Engineering, we build.

At Goldman Sachs, our Engineers don’t just make things – we make things possible. Change the world by connecting people and capital with ideas. Solve the most challenging and pressing engineering problems for our clients. Join our engineering teams that build massively scalable software and systems, architect low latency infrastructure solutions, proactively guard against cyber threats, and leverage machine learning alongside financial engineering to continuously turn data into action. Craft new businesses, transform finance, and explore a world of opportunity at the speed of markets.

Engineering, which is comprised of our Technology Division and global strategists groups, is at the critical centre of our business, and our dynamic environment requires creative strategic thinking and immediate, real solutions. Want to push the limit of digital possibilities? Start h From automated trading systems to risk management techniques, data architectures and distributed computing platforms, our developers and quantitative professionals build and provide robust, scalable best-in-class solutions to some of the most complex problems in the industry.

At Goldman Sachs, we offer our professionals the opportunity to work with interesting challenges and influential leaders, while our team-driven culture leverages and rewards individual talent. We look for creative collaborators who evolve, adapt to change and thrive in a fast-paced global environment.Come see what you can build at Goldman Sachs. More information can be found on our Engineering Homepage.

Skills & Requirements

  • A software engineer programming in a complied language such as C++, Java or C# or interpreted such as Python
  • Comfortable with core programming concepts and techniques (e.g. concurrency, memory management)
  • Enjoys working with algorithms and data structures (e.g. trees, hash maps, queues)
  • A keen interest and experience with machine learning libraries and techniques
  • Order Management, Electronic Trading and Client Connectivity Systems
  • Adaptable Algorithmic Trading Platforms
  • Performance-Sensitive User Interfaces 
  • Data Lake/Warehousing