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Senior Software Engineer at Instructure (Budapest, Hungary)

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We're hiring senior software engineers who are passionate about technology and education to build a new, next generation product for companies who want to invest in their employees. What's it like to work at Instructure? Our product team doesn't throw spec documents over an imaginary wall only to have engineering build something and throw it over another wall to QA. Our teams are collaborative — we sit together, brainstorm together, and build together because we believe that's the only way to make superior software. We're committed to innovation — so much so, in fact, that we hold quarterly hack weeks to let individuals and teams build pet projects and aim for the fences with radical new ideas. What we do: We're building innovative web applications. RESTful, easy to consume APIs and single-page, rich JS applications are our bread and butter Our polyglot team has interest in multiple languages and a strong preference for simple, elegant solutions to customer needs. We are cloud native: that means building fault-tolerant, highly available applications that can scale up to meet load and scale down to watch those Benjamins What we look for: Breadth of experience across languages and frameworks Deep knowledge of the Ruby language Experience with new web frameworks like Ruby on Rails A history of unit and other automated testing to ensure application quality Capable communicators passionate about product development and user experience Experience mentoring and developing other engineers Autodidacts who love continual learning and exploration Engineering leaders who care about coding standards and writing lean, maintainable software Degree in engineering preferred.