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Cloud Architect at Niche Hiring Private Limited (San Diego, CA)

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Niche Hiring, looking for a Cloud Architect with CI/CD experience to lead the development of infrastructure, automation and tooling to promote the rapid delivery of products to our cloud platform. As a Cloud Architect, you will promote the adoption of best practices and participate in the cloud transformation of our company and products and help to develop a solid platform. Location :  San Diego California Fultime You will ·         Lead the design, development and deployment of cloud architectures and tooling ·         Work with other teams to develop practices and patterns to orchestrate microservices and develop platforms ·         Participate in the definition of standards and best practices ·         Design and build the deployment systems, configuration management and tooling to help delivery and operations teams ·         Work with other teams to develop the security and operational monitoring specifications and requirements, and work within the engineering team to ensure that they are met ·         Lead the adoption and implementation of serverless architectures ·         Develop, implement and advocate for multitenant practices that keep customer data safe and available ·         Work with other engineering teams to promote the adoption of automation and infrastructure to help them achieve more rapid CI/CD ·         Liberate teams to achieve more, by promoting and providing delivery and test automation Veena , Niche Hiring , Please mail me to ,