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Experienced Python-developer who likes working with Saltstack at OGD ict-diensten (Delft, Netherlands)

About the Employer

Job Description

You’ve built multiple (single-page) webapps before and you know a lot about object-oriented programming in the MVC-paradigm. You’re an optimist and look forward to exploring new paths together with your co-workers and innovating with them.

A typical day’s work at OGD

As a Python-developer you have a passion for the newest techniques and you love sharing updates about them with your co-workers. Because the Python backend-stack is still in development, you’ll have a lot of freedom to apply these techniques, to experiment, and to be a pioneer in your field.

Secure- and security-aware developing is essential. When developing software, you live by the ‘you built it, you run it’ principle. You make sure that the software is brought into production in a clever way and maintaining functionality. We tend to automate as much as possible and work with continuous delivery. For the Python-stack we preferably use Saltstack, but we would also like to offer containerized solutions to our clients.

What do you like to do as a Python developer?

It goes without saying that you have a passion for programming and have a creative mind. The newest techniques are not unfamiliar to you and that’s why you like working with them. You’re flexible, but are also inclined to letting your opinion be heard and are not afraid to change things. Software development within OGD is always done Agile and we develop in teams.

You’re experienced with Python, and preferably with Django or Flask. You like working with these frameworks because they’re open source and you know that several nameworthy webapps were also built with Django (Pinterest, Bitbucket, Prezi) or Python in general (YouTube, Google, DropBox, Instagram, Spotify).

Besides that, it’s also nice if you posses JavaScript knowledge and are accustomed to frameworks like Vue.js, Angular or React. Although you’ll mainly be working on the back-end side, at OGD, back-end and front-end developers are able to jump-in and help each other or even take over someone’s work. Full stack developing, and vertical slicing of features is praised if you’re able to do that at OGD.

In the end, your personal development is vital to us. We like to hear from you what you’d like to do and we make sure it’s possible. Because we’re a fast-growing company, we have lots of opportunities and positions you can grow into. We also expect that you, as an experienced developer, is able to support your less experienced colleagues.

What makes you a true OGD employee?

  • You were educated at a university or at an applied university.
  • You enjoy talking with co-workers about the latest technology, at work-related drinks or pizza sessions for instance.
  • You like working with enthusiastic, smart and (sometimes) mouthy co-workers.
  • You have the ambition to educate yourself and be in control of your own career.

What can we offer you?

  • Challenging projects with smart colleagues.
  • A platform to share your knowledge, which allows you to give presentations about things you deem important for our organization.
  • The possibility to work part-time.
  • An environment where we don’t tell you how to develop yourself and which route to follow; we make sure we’re not the bottleneck.
  • Unlimited possibilities to educate yourself through online courseware, to order relevant study books, follow in-house courses and attain certificates, without having to pay us back.
  • Dynamic and flexible projects, in-house and in a team at our clients.
  • A one-year contract with the intention to offer a full contract after one year.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Excellent secondary employment terms like 26 days off per year, the possibility to go on unpaid leave, a trustworthy pension fund and nice (technical) break-out days with your team of developers.
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