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Lead Digital Architect deliver unique, unprecedented products across industries at Oliver Wyman Labs (London, UK)

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THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES No two Oliver Wyman Digital projects are are the same: you’ll be working with hugely varied and diverse teams to deliver unique and unprecedented products across industries. One week you’ll be leading a small technical team to rapidly deliver improvements for a digital tool, start-up style. The next, you and your team will be part of a cross-department and multidisciplinary effort to build a truly novel digital solution that we hope will revolutionise an industry. Examples of your project responsibilities will include: Leading a small development team across a project’s life cycle, from scoping to wrap-up.  Overseeing technical decision making for diverse projects. Monitoring your team’s work, including code reviews and hands-on support Prioritising your team’s work (and your own) across projects.  Maintaining relationships with internal and external clients. Hands-on software development across a range of programming paradigms and languages. YOUR EXPERIENCE Our decisions about programming paradigms and languages are led by the project, not by our existing skill set. As a result, we don’t require any specific technological background—it’s much more important that you have a broad knowledge of different programming approaches and the ability to learn new ones (with the support of your colleagues, of course). To give you an idea, our recent work has used tech including:  Several modern Javascript front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular and ReactNative for the front-end. A range of languages from Python and Node.js to Java, Scala, C# and .Net, on the back-end. Python and R in conjunction with tools such as Numpy, Pandas and Spark to implement data science. Container-based technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, deployed across AWS, Azure and GCP as well as private data centres (clients’, as well as our own). Data storage across SQL (MS SQL Server, Postgres and Oracle), NoSQL (Mongo) and Hive, as well as columnar data stores like Parquet. We’re also hoping you’ll be able to show us: A good knowledge of project delivery tools and methodologies (we use AgilePM, but an understanding of any useful modern framework would be beneficial). Client handling and communications skills, especially in dealing with non-technical stakeholders and tackling client engagement issues. A track record of handling multiple complex work streams with aplomb. A history of performing technical deep-dives. ____ YOUR ATTRIBUTES Our team comprises all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds. We don’t care whether you’re loud or quiet, funny or serious. We do hope that you have: A genuine passion for technology. A clear commitment to creating brilliant products that will give our clients the edge.  A willingness to work fluidly and respectfully with our incredibly talented team. OUR VALUES & CULTURES We’re serious about making Labs a rewarding, progressive, enjoyable and balanced place to work. Rewarding work We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation for high quality work. That reputation together with Oliver Wyman’s status as a Fortune 100 company allows us to work with major brands at all levels on incredibly exciting projects. Progressive employment Flat organisational structures, resolute I&D values and a commitment to rewarding good work make for a progression path truly based on merit. Our comprehensive benefits include an impressive pension program. Enjoyable days We want our team members to build a career here—and to be happy. That makes us serious about caring for, mentoring, developing and sponsoring each other. This commitment also leads to opportunities for social impact and community work in your work days. Balanced lives We want you to have the work-life balance you want. So if you want to make the most of travel opportunities with our global, we’ll encourage it; if you don’t, we’ll encourage that too. If you’re a parent, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your family life with flexible hours and the ability to work from home. ____ HOW TO APPLY If you like what you’ve read, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit your CV to Sabrina Gigante at sabrina.gigante@oliverwyman.com—please include a short covering email introducing yourself and what you’re looking for. The application process will include both technical testing and team-fit interviews. Oliver Wyman is an equal opportunity employer. Our commitment to diversity is genuine, deep and growing. We’re not perfect yet, but we’re working hard right now to make our teams balanced, representative and diverse. ____