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Ollie Order: Senior Engineer - React, GraphQL, Rails

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Headquarters: Vancouver, BC URL: https://ollieorder.com/sellers/

Love food, wine and/or beer? Love helping the little guy beat big corporate? Looking for an opportunity to work with an experienced engineering and leadership team with multiple exits on a B2B e-commerce platform? If so, you may be a great fit for our little team of passionate software folks.Ollie Order is a startup building an ordering system for the hospitality industry initially focused on liquor beverages — yes, we love craft beer, including their makers and buyers. Currently, we have an engineering team of 7 senior engineers, 4 remote and 3 in the office. We have been doing mostly remote teams for more than a decade and know how to make remote work! We're very passionate about software quality, releasing internal components open source and automated testing. We have built a solid MVP and are working on making changes based on customer feedback. Our customers depend on the software to run their business and we take that responsibility seriously. We are already earning revenue and receiving positive feedback from the industry. We are looking for a talented software engineer with strong experience in React (Rails and DevOps experience with AWS are also a great bonus). The position requires excellent problem-solving skills paired with a drive and discipline to build an outstanding product. We are looking for a person that has seen a product cycle several times and understands the different roles involved in building an exceptional product.You’ll work on our production single page React Typescript application that connects to our GraphQL/Ruby/Postgres/Elastic Search backend.We’re looking for the curious who commit to learning by doing — originating and experimenting with new tech is how we roll!Please fill out this form if you would like to apply for the Ollie Order React Frontend Engineer position: forms.gle/oKMTzasq7N5FpkS69 (note: please do not email us directly).Benefits:1.) A competitive base salary2.) A very flexible vacation policy3.) A beautiful, dog friendly office located on Main Street (aka beer central)4.) Beer and kombucha on tap in the officeWhat to expect:1.) You’ll have a voice: opinions are not just welcome, they’re expected - we provide the goal while you provide the how2.) An experienced team: every member of our team has worked on large production applications3.) We’re working on big dollars: our market segment is over 150 billion dollars in the USA/Canada alone - our application will move 100 million dollars in the first year and 1 billion by year two4.) No politics or rockstar attitudes - we are a tolerant, honest, and welcoming team5.) Freedom to choose your own equipmentNotes:- This is a FULL-TIME opportunity- Experience working with e-commerce, payment processing, and/or marketplaces is a bonus- AWS, Terraform, Elastic Search, and/or PostgreSQL are nice to have as well Share job

To apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehikfCL2CHpezTNfZ8jh7WV2my96sNAOWgeE8Uk-YN4aK02w/viewform

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