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Software Engineer (C++), Madrid, Spain at Pix4D (Madrid, Spain)

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We are looking for a talented Software Engineer (C++) to join our growing team in Madrid. Pix4D develops drone photogrammetry software and products that enable tens of thousands of professionals around the world to process, analyze and measure their own maps, 3D models and point clouds to extract valuable information. The mission of the team you will join is to develop a product that offers high value tools on the service for professional users. You will take part in the development of desktop and mobile applications. You will join a talented and agile team where practices such as code reviews, pair programming and continuous deployment to production are part of the culture. You will collaborate with UX designers, Product Managers and other stakeholders in order to deliver a world-class product that makes you feel proud of helping our users to solve complex problems as never before. You will have learned by direct experience that the most important characteristic of software is maintainability. As such, you strive to keep the code simple, readable and testable. You understand the importance of testing and your definition of done includes a thorough testing phase. You are passionate about your craft, you enjoy sharing good practices via pair programming and learning from others. RESPONSIBILITIES Design and implement desktop applications based on C++ components Contribute to improve existing C++ components shared by other products Engage daily in code reviews and promote good software engineering practices Collaborate proactively with product managers, UX designers, and software engineers using an agile process to build world-class, user-focused solutions Contribute to build a fantastic team Benefits A highly collaborative structure which maximizes each person's expertise and creativity. A you-can work culture and support system with flexible working time and collaboration tools. An ambitious company which values people first and foremost when achieving goals. A prime location to enjoy both Spain and Europe. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR CV AND A COVER LETTER ABOUT PIX4D Pix4D is a developer of cutting edge software that converts images taken by hand, drone, or plane into survey-grade accurate and georeferenced 2D mosaics, 3D models and point clouds. Founded in 2011, Pix4D is rapidly expanding from its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, to offices in San Francisco, Berlin,Shanghai and Madrid . Pix4D technology enables lightweight civilian drones to become mapping and surveying tools for 3D reconstruction of any changing environment. It forms the base of many cloud-processing solutions and is used by thousands of professionals worldwide on desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux) mobile (iOS and Android) and cloud environments. ABOUT PIX4D MADRID Pix4D accelerates growth with a new office in Madrid - A centre of innovation in the heart of Spain On November 1st 2018, Pix4D opens a new R&D office in Madrid. It is the companys fifth office after Lausanne, San Francisco, Shanghai and Berlin. As a centre of innovation, research and development, Pix4D Madrid will continue to expand and develop Pix4Ds knowledge of photogrammetry and machine learning, with the goal of creating an entirely new solution for the professional drone market. Madrid is Europes door to Latin America, an important and growing market for Pix4D. Alexis Castilla Hernandez, a long-time Pix4D employee, and now Head of Product Management at the Madrid office notes the location is ideal for innovation: Madrid is a centre of R&D, thanks to its universities. Its a cosmopolitan city, which is great for Pix4D as we have a very multicultural staff and culture. And as a bonus, the social life possibilities in the city are awesome! Dr. Christoph Strecha, Founder and CEO of Pix4D, commented: After opening an office in Berlin in 2017, where we focus on precision agriculture and successfully forged Pix4Dfields, Pix4D is expanding to Madrid to invest further in its technology. Given our strong user base, with 20,000 new customers in the last year alone, it is a much-needed step to continue answering to the high demand for dedicated tools. We are all excited to be part of a technology development where cameras become as important for industrial application as eyes are for humans. As well as attracting new customers and employees, the new location will be better able to serve existing customers. With a team including native Spanish speakers, the new Pix4D Madrid will cater to both Spain and Latin America. The team is expected to expand to 25 Pix4Ders by 2019.