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ReversingLabs was founded in 2009 with the mission of offering organizations the ultimate in threat detection solutions. In 2017, we were honored to receive the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation Award for our truly unique, automated, and scalable static file analysis, malware classification and malware hunting technologies. Our pioneering technologies, exceptional products, and successful customer deployments also drove a $25 million investment in ReversingLabs, backed by some of the savviest investors in the world. With our center of development excellence located in Zagreb, and offices in the United States and Switzerland, ReversingLabs is poised to achieve rapid growth and deliver groundbreaking innovation in 2021.ReversingLabs is building top of the class enterprise-focused security products, providing users with detailed insight into various types of malware at scale, allowing them to search through more than 10 billion records in the largest threat intelligence database of its kind, and create alerts on millions of different events and classification transitions.We’re looking for a versatile full stack software engineer to join our team and bring fresh ideas to address new cybersecurity challenges. At ReversingLabs, you will develop products running in cloud, virtual, and physical environments, design technical solutions, and follow best practices to write clean and testable code.Key tools and technologies for the backend include Python/Django, Solr, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ. On the front-end side, we work with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, WebPack, Babel, Storybook, and Redux. As a full stack engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on both the front end and back end of our applications. If you slightly prefer one over the other, we can consider it in planning, since we have a variety of diverse projects and challenges.You will work with your teammates to develop enterprise-grade applications within a team consisting of UI/UX designers, software engineers, DevOps, and QA engineers. We strongly believe in delighting our customers by providing cutting-edge technology and great user experience, encourage honest feedback through code reviews by peers, and seek excellence by setting high standards for quality assurance testing.Requirements

  • Back end: three or more years of professional software development experience with Python/Django (preferred) or other OO languages
  • Front end: experience with React or other leading JavaScript frameworks, including other commonly used technologies such as WebPack, Redux, TypeScript, etc.
  • Experience with designing and implementing web applications
  • Experience with GNU/Linux systems
  • Not mandatory, but could be useful: SQL and database design skills, nginx, uWSGI, message queues (Celery, RabbitMQ), experience with or interest in Go

WHY JOIN REVERSINGLABS?We understand it's not likely you have experience with all of the tools and technologies we’d like you to know. But we also know that engineers motivated to learn will eventually close any potential gaps. We’re hiring engineers for their strengths, plan to use their skills well, and provide mutually beneficial opportunities for learning and development. This position in a team of experienced engineers will have you work on industry-leading solutions, in a motivating environment, and provide great professional development opportunities.Benefits

  • Competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Flexible working hours and great work-life balance
  • Continuous skill improvement and professional development
  • Well-structured professional growth through regular one-on-one coaching and individual goals
  • Many learning opportunities: conferences, books, courses, and knowledge sharing
  • Great career advancement opportunities - ReversingLabs encourages internal promotion whenever possible
  • Many perks of our neat Zagreb office, and also WFH as an option
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