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Lead Test Automation Engineer at Scripbox (Bengaluru, India)

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We are looking for experienced quality analysts who think like engineers. You will be setting up test automation conventions and will champion it's evolution. You will be the gatekeepers of quality code reaching the wild and hence your impact on the product is crucial. We are excited to have you as part of our team for your problem-solving skills, for your opinionated views on test pyramids, for your meticulous attention to detail in laying out a test plan, and most importantly for being a wonderful person to be around with. Your responsibilities: * Understand the entire Scripbox product. * Own and expand our test automation framework making it better and performant. * Own QA Documentation for defects, procedures and process. * Comfortable writing code for any test surface - Mobile App, API, Desktop * Strive for the fastest feedback possible. You can't help but think about test automation infrastructure in a parallelized world. * In depth knowledge about performance measurement tools - Desktop and Mobile. * Explore our CI subsystem (which are on linux) and try out the changes you have wanted to implement for your test rig. * Work with Product Managers to ensure timely rollout of product features. * Participate and Contribute in Code Reviews with the Dev team. * Suggest enhancements in the product and drive the implementation. Requirements : * Minimum Qualification : B.E or B.Tech * Minimum Experience : 6 - 9 years in Software Testing, mobile testing and/or test automation * Strong knowledge of Ruby, Java. * Comfortable working with git. * Good knowledge, understanding & experience of working with a large variety of multi-tier architectures. * Good understanding & experience of high performance web scale & real-time response systems. * Experience & exposure to a variety of large scale persistent systems including large databases. * Exposure to product development lifecycle, large databases. * Experience working with Selenium, Capybara, Appium. * Experience in working with CI/CD facilitating systems like gitlab. * Experience with linux.