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Senior API Developer at SkySlope

This job is 7 months old and is probably not available anymore.

Job Description

SkySlope is looking for a Senior API Developer with passion, skill, and heavy experience in developing high performing, publicly accessible Web APIs. In this role, you will have the opportunity for hands-on development of our next generation of SaaS APIs, while also helping to establish organizational standards for security, quality, and architecture.

A successful candidate will be a self-motivated individual with a proven track record for developing and maintaining all aspects of public APIs, including contract definition, security, automated functional testing, automated performance testing, and high availability. This person will have a passion for using software to solve complex problems and an obsession for maintaining a flawless experience for the customer.

What You'll Do

  • Hands-on development of highly available, scalable, and performant Web APIs.
  • Collaborate with other teams on API standards in order to achieve a clean, consistent API experience for our customers.
  • Develop a consistent standard for API contracts using the appropriate contract architecture and technology for the problem (REST, RPC, GraphQL, etc)
  • Help to develop reliable automated tests to maintain functional correctness, performance, and backward compatibility.


  • 10+ years software development experience
  • Experience with .NET Core or Web API highly preferred
  • Experience developing and maintaining high traffic, publicly facing API with 5 nines uptime
  • Unit and Integration Testing
  • Relational database experience (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
  • NoSQL database experience (MongoDB, Redis, etc.)
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) platforms (CodePipeline, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Cloud computing platform experience preferred (AWS, Azure, etc.)

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