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NLP Specialist at Sphere (London, UK)

About the Employer

Job Description

Sphere are looking for a talented natural language processing specialist to join their fast-expanding and highly motivated team. With natural language processing as an essential component of the product, your role will be dynamic and have real, immediate impact across multiple areas of the business. You will report directly to the CEO, and have the opportunity to influence the future of the product in a tangible way.

While no two days will be the same, the main duties will include:

  • Apply the latest algorithms in ML & NLP to develop key software features
  • Develop novel solutions for text classification, document clustering, named entity recognition, intent identification, search, and information retrieval problems
  • Work closely with front and backend engineers to scale solutions
  • Identify and develop bespoke NLP features to improve user experience

The role is full time, and visa sponsorship is available.

Skills and Experience required:

  • PhD in a strongly numerical subject (computer science, maths, physics etc.). Alternatively, an MSc or proven experience in computational linguistics or similarly applicable area
  • Experience in, and good understanding of, applied machine learning for text analysis and natural language processing
  • NLP background in text mining: preprocessing, named entity recognition, entity linking, information extraction, sentiment analysis
  • Excellent programming skills in Python, including good knowledge of scikit-learn and at least one NLP library (eg. NLTK or spaCy)
  • Ability to run reproducible experiments and analyse results within a full end-to-end pipeline: from collecting raw data, statistical modelling and performance benchmarking, to packaging working prototypes
  • (Desirable): Experience of neural net frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras, etc.), applied to NLP (RNNs, LSTM/GRU cells, CNNs, shallow methods)
  • (Desirable): Keen interest in cutting-edge NLP/AI methods a big plus