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Senior JavaScript Engineer at Spotahome (London, UK)

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We are seeking competitive, ambitious, positive, bright, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, high-spirited and technical skilled Javascript Engineer to join our team in our awesome new London hub. Responsibilities Work seamlessly with backend engineers to integrate multiple data sources into one system building a server-side frontend API on top of the different microservices that are part of the platform using NodeJS Collaborate with product owners and user experience designers to create and implement designs and new features for all the apps we produce: tenant website, landlord website, internal tools, integrations, among others... Build reusable components and libraries for future use among different projects Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs Apply best frontend patterns to achieve mobile-first, cross-browser compatible designs and implementations Teach other team members and learn from them Help to hire more engineers Main requirements Expert knowledge of both server and client side JavaScript Experience using modern JavaScript libraries and frameworks, but ability to think outside the framework. True passion for creating clean, functional and well-designed code Understanding of best practices and web performance Fast learner and eager to learn Spoken and written English Bonus points Experience with React and Angular Knowledge of how to build REST/GraphQL APIs Experience with the different challenges faced with server side rendered pages. Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms, such as mobile vs. desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform Write tests to drive your JavaScript development, using unit or functional tests Good understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing and methodologies to implement CSS for large and scalable websites. Understanding of bundlers and dependency/task managers (npm, webpack) Experience with git Experience with docker and kubernetes Benefits Working with cutting edge technology like: React Component UI library using StoryBook Server side rendering Micro Frontends architecture with NodeJS-based Backend-For-Frontend GraphQL Competitive compensation package Company sponsored tech talks (technology and other relevant professional topics) Ability to learn cutting edge technologies and contribute to opensource Equity and performance bonuses People: Work with talented, committed and supportive teammates International environment with more than 25 nationalities Excellent Medical insurance. Co-payment. Flexible work hours. Fitness benefits Company happy Fridays & social events. Amazing new ground-breaking challenges ahead