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Senior Database Administrator (DBA) at Tek Experts (Hanoi, Vietnam)

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Job Description

The prospective employee is responsible for providing operational and engineering database support includes resolving SQL Server database-related incidents and administering our Development, Quality Assurance, Staging, Pre-Production and Production platforms. Alongside this the candidate will create and maintain service-related reports (such as database backups, maintenance, monitoring, and ETL status) and respond to database-related alerts and escalations. Responsibilities: • Administer and maintain our company database environments and provide day-to-day operational support; • Provide thorough leadership, advice and guidance to the development team on areas of issue and implementation of improvement; • Provide inputs in setting governance and standards related to all aspects of our environments; • Reduce the frequency and duration of IT database failures; • Perform ongoing tuning of database instances; • Build and provide actionable reports in support of performance testing to be submitted to all development areas to review and provide follow up actions to ensure optimum support to meet our SLAs; • Provide problem and root cause analysis data to the IT support organisation through capacity management tools and techniques; • Plan and implement backup and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server databases in all our environments; • Control migrations of database changes through the development life cycle; • Perform database reorganisations to assist performance and ensure uptime of the database; • Put standards in place to ensure that all application database design and code is produced with proper integrity, security and performance. Key accountabilities: • Perform reviews on the design and code frequently to ensure the site standards are being adhered to; • Evaluate releases of Microsoft SQL Server and its tools, and third-party products to ensure that the enterprise is running products that are most appropriate; • Plan with the developers and system administrators to ensure that new product usage or release upgrades take place with minimal impact; • Provide technical support to all the development teams; • Upgrade and apply service packs/critical fixes in all our database environments; • Assist with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects; • Troubleshoot with problems regarding the databases, applications and development tools; • Create new database logins and users as required - manage sharing of resources amongst applications; • Contribute to architecture and capacity planning activities - perform root cause analysis on failed components and implements corrective measures; • Provide ongoing information to leadership and peers regarding enhancements, innovations and solutions; • Follow company specific systems engineering standards; Qualifications: • Minimum 6 years’ experience with database administration using Microsoft SQL Server • Experience in troubleshooting and resolving problems (performance issues, database integrity issues, blocking and deadlocking issues); • In depth understanding of Dimensional Modeling and Data Warehouse design; • Experience in MS SQL Business Intelligence Stack (SSIS, SSAS and SSRS); • Experience in implementing operational automation using scripts; • Knowledge of indexes, index management, and statistics;