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Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer @ Apple at Theorem, LLC (Sunnyvale, CA)

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Company Overview Theorem has partnered with Apple to build a team of experts working directly with Apple on-site in Sunnyvale, CA. Job Summary This is a unique opportunity to work at the world's leading authority on innovation, design, and technology: Apple. Theorem is working with Apple to build a Quality Assurance Engineering team and has the ability to give a few select individuals the opportunity to work for Apple. You will work on customer and employee-facing technology platforms that power hundreds of Apple stores and affect millions of customers. Qualifications and Skills Hands-on experience with QA methodologies, testing Webservices and Apps. Proficiency in Java. Proficiency in writing test automation frameworks for testing Webservices using Java and TestNG( or similar). Experience writing test automation frameworks for Web/iOS Experience in Web development and Webservices development is a plus. Experience in Unix/Linux, Oracle and/or Cassandra. Experience working with at least one relation DB. Understand and write complex SQL queries. Working understanding of Continuous Integration environments Experience working in an Agile environment Benefits and Perks Full benefits.  Full medical, dental, vision, 401k, PTO, and more. Access to Apple perks. Access to Apple facilities, shuttle service, cafes, etc. Relocation is available.  We'll help you get to the most coveted tech area on the planet if you're not here already and want to relocate.