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Postgres Database Application Developer at ThinkIQ (Aliso Viejo, CA)

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ThinkIQ’s software solution is model and database centric. As such, our Postgres database application is at the heart of ThinkIQ’s product. Responsibilities The Postgres Database Application Developer will be responsible for leading the development of ThinkIQ’s database applications and for the following deliverables: Maintaining, extending and improving ThinkIQ’s database model and associated schemas. Database unit testing. Plans and tools for database lifecycle management. Ensuring that the database is accessible both from SQL interface and API. Designing and implementing queries and reports for data extraction. Database configuration and tuning. Monitoring of customer database health. Working with product management to create a roadmap for ThinkIQ model development that will map into our overall strategy and properly leverage new technologies. Technical Knowledge The role will require a solid understanding of the technologies listed below. Strong knowledge of model-centric database applications, including the use of SQL and RDMS as core functionalities to building software products.  Significant Postgres experience is required. Cloud computing, hosting and operations (AWS and Azure) Full stack development knowledge and experience is a strong advantage. Domain Knowledge The following industrial domain knowledge is an advantage. Business c ritical 24/7 operations: Our software is running in a high availability environment with large financial impact of system downtime. Secure web applications: We are an early provider of manufacturing software solutions on the web and specifically in the cloud. Our systems must be secure. Industrial Manufacturing:  Our customers are manufacturing companies that are using our software to run and optimize their production and supply chain operations.  Attitude and Cultural Fit Customer focused :  Our software has no value until it is creating value for our customers. Lean: Must function well without a large supporting bureaucracy: We are a startup company, we all wear many hats and do many jobs. We are a flat organization with limited resources where the decider and the doer often can be the same person. Inclusive team builder and team player :  The ThinkIQ team is ONE team. All our efforts are focused on making this a winning team and strengthening the team. We are all responsible for building and supporting the team. There is no room for sub-teams, hidden agendas or internal fiefdoms.  Agile:  Our decision processes are quick, we experiment to find solutions, we learn from our experiments and implement robust solutions. We are looking for a person with creativity combined with discipline and accuracy. Transparent  and honest :  We are a sharing organization where it is easy to gain insight into what other parts of the organization is doing. Our systems provide controlled access to information so that any person with a need to know information has access to that information. We expect honesty so that we can make good decisions. Hungry:  The right person wants to make a difference in the world and believes that it is possible to create better and simpler solutions than exists today. While all team members will be financially rewarded when we are successful, the right person is driven more by the value created to the customer than the financial reward to the individual. Willing to go the extra mile:  We are all working hard because we believe in what we are doing. We are looking to expand the team with people that want to do the same. We are not discouraged when faced with an extra challenge or an unexpected obstacle. Education A degree in Science, Technology or Engineering. Proven practical experience will be evaluated as a good substitute for formal education. Work Experience The right candidate has proven results as a Database Application Developer from similar applications.