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Senior Data Engineer at the leading data-driven travel advertising platform! at travel audience GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

About the Employer

Job Description

We are searching for resourceful and innovative Senior Data Engineer to join our fast-growing team in Berlin. You will be working with terabyte-scale quantities of data in near real-time, producing efficient, fault-tolerant and industrialised pipelines. You will work with a cross-functional team, closely collaborating with data scientists and analysts.

As an AdTech company, data is at the core of everything travel audience does. By joining us, you will find ways to solve complex technical challenges which directly impact our business and play an integral part in helping us become the world leader in the travel advertising domain

What will you do?

  • Be part of a team responsible for the design, development and maintenance of our data processing streaming pipelines in Google Cloud Dataflow developed using Spark.
  • Work closely with the Data Scientists and Data Analysts, providing them with access to the data and support they need to analyse, train and deploy machine-learning models.
  • Become an owner of the full development and operations cycle of a product, whilst helping to ensure our systems are running correctly and efficiently.
  • Use industry-proven tools such as git; and practices such as CI/CD in an agile setup.
  • Join a cross-functional team. Aside from data engineers, our teams have Go engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, DevOps engineers, and Frontend engineers.

We are looking for passionate Engineers who:

  • Love Scala – either as a proficient Scala developer or a Java/Python developer willing to self-learn a new language.
  • Have practical experience with one or more distributed data processing frameworks such as Spark, Apache Beam, Google Cloud Dataflow, Flink, Storm or similar.
  • Care deeply about software best practices and are dedicated to ensuring quality via testing, benchmarking and peer review.
  • Have experience of using a pub/sub or message queue technology such as Kafka.
  • Understand the theory behind different database technologies and data storage practices enough to make informed choices and match appropriate technologies to a given use-case.
  • Dedicate themselves to continue learning and improving, and enjoy helping others grow around them.
  • Are eager to understand the business logic of the company and the meaning of the data they work with.
  • Can speak, write and express them self in English – our company’s working language – in a professional context.
  • Feel at home collaborating in a workplace which is international, diverse, evolving and continually innovating.

If this sounds exactly what you are looking for, then we are awaiting your application and looking forward to starting our journey together!

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