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UCMDB/CMS Administrator at US Tech Solutions (Dallas, TX)

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Job Title: UCMDB/CMS Administrator Location: Dallas, TX Duration: 12 months and possibility of extension Job Details: The UCMDB/CMS Administrator is a technical IT position, requiring a standard combination of server, networking, database, and application support skills. The focus with the UCMDB/CMS Administrator is maintaining performance and availability of the UCMDB server, and ensuring the UCMDB architecture is deployed as designed, and documented as required. UCMDB/UD UCMDB/UD GUI  CI Type Manager / UCMDB TQL (Topology Query Language)  UCMDB views and reports  UCMDB Infrastructure Settings  User, Roles, Security Manager  Enrichment Manager  CMDB and CMS concepts Server  Basic Windows administration skills including domain configuration and networking Basic understanding of UNIX platforms, shells and scripting  Basic understanding of VMware topology and resource configuration Networking and Security  Understanding of TCP/IP networks and OSI layers  Basic knowledge of network devices such as switches and routers  Basic understanding of firewalls and DMZs  Basic understanding of various networking and security protocols  Understanding of user authentication, LDAP and SSO Windows  Basic Windows administration skills  Windows domains  NETBIOS/drive mapping /Windows networking, and connectivity UNIX  Basic understanding of UNIX OS and concepts  UNIX shells and scripting  UNIX file systems  UNIX networking concepts Database  Basic Microsoft SQL and/or Oracle knowledge  Basic SQL knowledge: SQLPlus for Oracle, Enterprise Manager for MSSQL  Basic understanding of basic database architecture, for example, table spaces, allocated disk space, and so on.  J2EE: Basic understanding of java and J2EE application architectures. (UCMDB is a J2EE application) Architecture  Understanding of java and J2EE architecture (UCMDB is a J2EE application) Understanding of integration technologies such as WebServices/SOAP, ETL, REST, and so on.  Manages version compatibility and dependencies with other products Support  Ability to manage and support a distributed enterprise-level application  Ability to diagnose/troubleshoot complex problems  Experience working with vendors and vendor support  Ability to trace transaction flow and use logging facilities for problem-solving  Familiar with HPE Service Manager and Release Control.