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Staff Engineer, Warehouse Management Systems at Wayfair (Boston, MA)

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The Warehouse Management Systems engineering team is seeking a Staff Engineer/Architect to collaborate and build software that manages supply chain operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. We're focused on improving customer experience by making sure product is located as close to customers as possible and shipping that product quickly and accurately to make sure it arrives when we say it will. We also look to drive improvements in margin for orders by making the warehouses run efficiently to drive cost savings at all levels of the supply chain. Our growing scale as a company allows us new opportunities to drive cost savings including:  Pooled shipments into the warehouse to drive cost savings Proprietary replenishment algorithms to drive the best assortment geographically close to customers, maximizing warehouse turns and minimizing ship costs and transit times to customers Truck load scheduling out of the warehouses and cross docks to minimize transit times to customers, drive shipping cost savings, and reduce damage and lost in transit rates Internationalization of our warehouse software to allow us to open warehouses across Europe and Asia; allowing us to open up new supplier opportunities and containerize product to ship to local warehouses on other continents Scaling out our third party and proprietary systems to support the business' plan to grow volume through our warehouses and pool points to 10-20 times current rates Projects include working on our main e-commerce site to deliver a more engaging ecomm experience for our customers. As you'll see from the new site design, we've abandoned the busyness that plagues most sites (even the big ones) and we're working to more effectively court our users during their online experience. We have many concurrent projects currently that include everything from our revolutionary recommendation engine to the nano-second processing of orders.  We don't care what language you grew up with...we have a wide array of technologies here. OO skills are great; functional programming and scripting language experience are prized as well.  An ideal candidate has:  Exceptional problem solving skills, experience developing creative solutions to complex problems Experience working with large scale systems design and development experience with an OO language. We run a modified LAMP stack, but employ Engineers with a huge variety of technical backgrounds Database design, development and performance optimization experience Sense of humor and excellent communication skills Desire to drive projects, mentor, teach and lead teams