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CLOUD PLATFORM ENGINEER (M/F/D) at YUNAR by Ambidexter GmbH (Berlin, Deutschland)

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YOUR CORE TOPIC As a Cloud Platform Engineer, you're helping us build the best Cloud Native Platform and realize our ideas together. You help all teams find efficient delivery and combine speed with reliability and stability. YOUR PLAYGROUND You control our Azure Cloud Platform and continuously improve the rollout via Infrastructure as Code You are the captain of our Kubernetes cluster The constant development of concepts, tools, methods, and procedures makes you a key player in our team You are always up to date with best practices In short: you build the basis for everything we do! WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR You know Azure Cloud like the back of your hand Infrastructure automation using Terraform, Azure Resource Templates, and Kubernetes are as familiar to you as your toothbrush For you snowflakes are beautiful only in winter, configuration drift is a horror, and Shell and Python are not just animals in the water We develop microservices: You help us keep the zoo under control - monitoring, observability and semantic monitoring are no foreign words for you Business-fluent English spoken and written - good knowledge of German is desirable