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Office IT and System Administrator at Payworks GmbH

Payworks GmbH
Ezt a munkát 28 óta tették közzé, és valószínűleg már nem érhető el.

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What you will do...

  • You will plan and roll out IT and infrastructure improvements. That includes moving to a cloud based directory service  and device management for our Mac, Linux and Windows estate.

  • You will build up a rock solid IT support function, within Payworks.

  • You manage our Office IT inventory and infrastructure.

  • You make sure people can do their work efficiently and are the first contact if they have any hardware or software issues.

  • You will be responsible for choosing the right hardware and deploying it properly to everyone at Payworks.

  • You will work together with our DevOps team to automate as much as we can in our daily processes.

  • You will help us to choose and roll out management solutions for our Mac, Linux and Windows estate, backup solutions and much more.

What we offer...

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of bringing a technically outdated industry to this century’s digital standard.

  • 70+ super-skilled colleagues in an organisation that is ever learning and able to quickly act on things that need to change.

  • An open culture that welcomes agile methods (Scrum, TDD, continuous deployment, retrospectives etc.).

  • The dynamics and fun of working in a quickly growing start-up, combined with a stable financial outlook backed by a multi-million Euro venture capital investment.

  • Relocation support and allowance; free German classes.

  • Flexible working hours and competitive compensation – including a budget for your personal/professional development.

What we are looking for...

  • You have experience with hardware and software of all kinds.

  • You know how to administer operating systems, especially Windows or Mac OS (ideally Linux as well).

  • You have have strong experience in Project Management.

  • You are service-oriented and like helping people solve problems.

  • You work independently and diligently.

  • You are not scared of taking over responsibility.

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