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The people we all rely on to make the world go round they rely on Thales. Thales rely on its employees to invent the future: right here, right now.Present in Romania for over 40 years, Thales is expanding its presence in the country by growing its Digital capabilities and by developing a Group Engineering Competence Centre (ECC). Operating from Bucharest, Thales delivers solutions in a number of core businesses, from ground transportation, space and defence, to security and aeronautics.Several professional opportunities have arisen. If you are looking for the solidity of a Global Group that is at the forefront of innovation, but with the agility of a human structure that tailors to the personal development of its employees and allows opportunities for evolution in an international environment, then this is the place for you!Urban Rail Signalling (URS) TeamCommunications-based train control (CBTC) is a railway signalling system that makes use of the telecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management and infrastructure control. By means of the CBTC systems, the exact position of a train is known more accurately than with the traditional signalling systems. This results in a more efficient and safe way to manage the railway traffic. Metros (and other railway systems) are able to improve headways while maintaining or even improving safety.In Bucharest, in the Urban Rail Signalling (URS) department, we are working for the CBTC system developed by Thales Canada and delivering in the following areas: Component Testing, Code Review, Requirements writing and Software Testing. We are a young and dynamic team, in continuous development and we seek for a new team member.

Job Topic:

Component Testing using VectorCASTVectorCAST is a tool for unit/component testing which aids in obtaining 100% statement, branch and MC/DC coverage in order to guarantee code compliance with CENELEC 2011 standard.Starting from the requirements of a component, functional tests have to be created and configured in order to recreate components behavior. After the requirements are fulfilled, the remaining code is covered with white box tests (unit tests).For the development of the tests, various data structures have to be developed and used in C: trees, linked lists, structs, arrays etc. Pointers have to be used to access parts of these data structures. Also, memory management in C has to be understood.Various python/bash scripts might be implemented in order to automate the delivery of the artifacts.Agile Scrum is used in this project with JIRA as the tool for tasks management.

Specific tasks will be:

  • Use VectorCAST with C programming language to obtain 100% requirements and code coverage for each component
  • Find issues (in code or documentation) and report them
  • Create automation scripts (bash, python etc.)
  • Perform cross review
  • Understand the code and development workflow in order to be included in future Thales projects

Required skills:

  • C programming junior (0-2 years of working experience)
  • Scripting languages (python, bash)
  • Background in Linux would be a plus
  • Unit testing knowledge would be a plus
  • Versioning tools (git) would be a plus
  • Team collaboration tools (JIRA) would be a plus
  • Agile Scrum knowledge would be a plus

At Thales we provide CAREERS and not only jobs. With Thales employing 80,000 employees in 68 countries our mobility policy enables thousands of employees each year to develop their careers at home and abroad, in their existing areas of expertise or by branching out into new fields. Together we believe that embracing flexibility is a smarter way of working. Great journeys start here, apply now!

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