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About Us and Why We’re Hiring: The future of work is increasingly complex — remote workers, distributed teams, flexible multi-tenant office space — and the dynamic of how workers interact with each other and their physical space is changing. We’re optimizing every corner of the world, with and for you! VergeSense is a Y-Combinator backed, provider of an AI-Powered Sensor-as-a-Service platform for commercial real estate. We are building an easy-to-deploy space utilization & sensing platform that helps real estate professionals monitor foot-traffic within buildings. We provide a full-stack solution comprising easy-to-deploy AI-sensors, fleet management tools, analytics software, and APIs that integrate with the leading workplace management systems on the market. Data from our platform is used to improve building layout & design, execute dynamic workforce strategies, and reduce energy costs. Our cost-effective sensors are installed within minutes, providing actionable insights and AI-powered recommendations in real time. For large clients, the financial impact is in the tens of millions per year. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are 20 million square feet and counting, in 18 different countries around the world, working with 20 Fortune 500 Organizations, companies such as BP, Cisco, and Quicken Loans to name a few. During COVID-19, we have not only doubled in size and specialization (we are working with an industry first product using computer vision on the edge with full stack solutions for hardware and software products), we have seen a huge product development need, serving as a valued resource and trusted partner. We are shaping community for the long-term to ensure workspaces stay: safe, healthy, and productive. In order to continue fueling that growth, we are expanding in order to keep up with the acceleration of the business. That’s where you come in. We are excited to announce our latest role: the Senior Software Engineer position! We are looking for someone to grow within our expanding team in the U.S., creating impact as you pick up projects to help with our evolving technical and engineering processes. Excited to see how you can be a leading contributor to: protecting and enhancing the workspace, and optimizing businesses? Us too! Let’s see what we are looking for here at VergeSense.What We’re Looking For:The goal of the Senior Software Engineer position is to work independently and under the direction of the Hiring Manager, Ted Healey, Vice President of Software Engineering, to support and assist members of the Platform, Integrations and Sensor teams on the hardware and software product, processing data pipelines and looking at the IoT data within the platform and integrations overlap. The mission of the Senior Software Engineer is to drive and have high ownership of developing VergeSense’s user-facing analytics portal, deployment & commissioning tools, data-management tools, monitoring systems, and APIs for our hardware and software products. You will work hand in hand to drive the roadmap, have a say in high level decisions and think broadly to align with product managers across the board. Overall the goal is to reduce technical debt, contributing to the only hardware that appreciates over time. Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented measures, and visibility, into how spaces work for our partners. This is a senior level role (5-10 industry year experience preferred), with the job opening in Boston or Minneapolis, and possibility of a Remote hire. That’s a super-brief intro to what you’ll be working on. But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us! Let’s talk about life at VergeSense and then we’ll go into more details.How You’ll Work at VergeSense:We are seeing first-hand how corporate real estate is here to stay even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with a growing need for community and social importance centered around the strategic use of office spaces. Within the past year alone, the pandemic has expedited the industry of sensor technology, sales going up 500% (QoQ) as a major product development year while raising $10M to accelerate product development and GTM. We are growing fast to serve the complexity and nuance of needs of continuous onboarding of diverse Fortune 500 companies, which has escalated tremendously during the pandemic. As we adapt and adjust to challenging environmental factors, we are modernizing an industry where data is manually tracked, static, anecdotal, and incomplete. Our product is both hardware and software, with thousands of % increase in expansion by cohort analysis in the 3 years since our founding, with the SaaS ability to become a standalone product (“data factory’); this is an industry first! How do we do this? We lead with simplicity- from product design, to engineering architecture, to our day-to-day working styles providing increased asset value and a more productive workplace.You, as the Senior Software Engineer, will come in, hit the ground running by picking up projects, while helping build out the team culture as an early member of an evolving team that is experiencing a major growth period, as each team member is beginning to specialize into sub-teams/pods.We are working hard to make being an employee at VergeSense an amazing experience and have a small team of truly exceptional people—the kind you’ll be excited to work with. Here’s how we operate:
  • Remote. This will be a full-time, high-impact industry leader role, based in Boston or Minneapolis however, we are open to remote. 
  • Compensation. Competitive compensation and equity.
  • Insurance. Employer-sponsored medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • Take Vacation (Seriously). We have an open vacation policy, take time off when you need it! 
Who Are You? You Are Our Ideal Candidate If:
  • You have demonstrated hands-on experience with tech stack, feeling comfortable within the software stack. Backend focus is okay, full stack is ideal with as much tech stack overlap as possible (Cannot have front-end only). 
  • You have demonstrated hands-on experience within VergeSense commonly used frameworks: Ruby on Rails, React.js and Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms.
  • You have demonstrated experience with experience working with databases (i.e. PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL and data infrastructure).
  • You have demonstrated experience with JavaScript and modern frontend frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, or similar).
  • You have demonstrated hands-on experience with IoT data backgrounds, preferred.
  • You have a demonstrated understanding of CS/CE fundamental concepts and OOP languages. APIs is also preferred. 
  • You are VergeSense, you embody and help grow our company values: (humility, approachable, welcoming, transparency, openness and listening skill sets). 
  • You are someone who has comfort with ambiguity (i.e. fast paced, start-up environment), you help create the bedrock of a successful team and product growth despite uncertainty and can make sense of the chaos. 
  • You are someone that no matter the task or obstacle at hand, you face every challenge with enthusiasm; High Energy, High Ownership. 
  • You are a persistent problem solver, being proactive and taking leaps as you jump into challenges with a hands-on approach while you think broadly and strategically. 
What Success Looks Like: Within 30-60 days, contribute to a growing company culture as an individual contributor to come in, and pick up projects. This person will drive and have high ownership of the work.
  • Align as an active member between Platform, Integrations and Sensors teams for the hardware and software products. Within each team, coordinate and think broadly alongside a product manager to drive forward the roadmap, providing strategic support, which is likely beyond typical IC. These teams are divided by interests:
  • Integrations (slack, batch data, etc)
  • Data pipeline, large scale IoT data
  • Platform (analytics, separate SaaS product)
  • Sensors/hardware (anything that connects to the other product)
  • 5 digit to 6 digit in shipping / product development push this year
Within 60-90 days, become a leading staff member within the technological and engineering process bringing software/tech stack experience (full stack ideal), with overlap with tech stack as much as possible; backend is okay. You will have become immersed within VergeSense platforms:  
  • React.js, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, a variety of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies (AWS IoT, Redshift, DynamoDB)
  • If you’ve read this job invitation and are excited about becoming our newest Senior Software Engineer, please get in touch! At VergeSense, we don’t just accept differences — we celebrate them, we support them, and we thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our customers, and our community. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. If you’re good at what you do, come as you are. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. VergeSense is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

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