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FullStack Developer at Abi Health Spain (Barcelona, Spain)

Abi Health Spain
Ta praca ma 21 miesiące i prawdopodobnie nie jest już dostępna.

Opis pracy

Abi is expanding the engineering team

This is a phenomenal opportunity for someone to join a company right at the tipping point of growth. I am often asked career advice by people - my main advice is always the same: join a company that is growing, it will open up so many opportunities for you. Abi Global Health is exactly such a company.

Why should apply you for this role?

- Abi is solving a BIG problem - this is not wasting your life slapping some banner ads on webpages. Abi is used by people to get health advice from trusted doctors. The questions that come in make it clear this service is having a profound impact on people's lives.

- This is very interesting technology, they are literally inventing the future. Read below for the detailed tech stack, but messaging is a megatrend that is here to stay. It is moving from "toy" to being used in critical situations. Abi is at the cutting edge of that trend.

What qualifications do you need?

Several years of full-time work experience as a developer. The more the better, but as long as this is not your first job in tech you should consider applying. The technologies we are working with are new, no one has many years of experience on them. Please see the detailed tech stack below.

Be comfortable in English. All internal communication is in English. If you also speak other languages that is great. Abi is currently live in English, Spanish, French, German, and Croatian, with more coming in 2019. We want to amaze users everywhere.

A deep respect for privacy and data protection. Our users and partners are entrusting us with their health questions, and our top priority is earning that trust. Privacy is NOT optional.

A desire to build for scale.

An understanding that building a simple-to-use, highly-reliable, global service is exceptionally complex. We put in the work to make life easy for and earn the trust of our users, our doctors, and our partners.

Interest in the technology of messaging.

All experience recruiting, building, managing a dev team will also eventually be helpful, though right now the focus is on technical execution.

Why is this a great job?

If you want the chance to work on critical projects used around the world, to have a voice in designing complex systems, to have your ideas be valued, and to learn an exceptional amount in a very short period of time - all while having fun in a great team - then this is the place for you.