Andela Company Profile

Systems Engineer at Andela () (allows remote)


Opis pracy

Job Requirements

  • Identify how to handle the various Linux distributions 
  • Identify which existing components can be reused (Like same UX, etc) or not 
  • Identify the existing features of the platform and provide insights on attainable and unattainable list of features in Linux platform 
  • Identifying technical feasibility of the various components. 
  • Propose work around for unattainable existing features 
  • Define how the installation process can be handled in Linux version 
  • Define how to handle/implement the CI/CD process for the Linux components 
  • Automate the testing of the linux component 
  • Implement  automated testing associated with the frontend layer, both integration and unit

Job description

  • Familiar with Linux kernel and Daemons internals and/or system programming 
  • Familiar with Linux desktop environments and development, specifically building applications that run across GNOME, KDE, etc on different distributions.
  • Fluent in C++ 
  • Familiar with Device Drivers (eg: USB, Block, wireless, etc) 
  • Expert in Shell, Perl, and/or Python scripting 
  • Excellent Knowledge on build systems and continuous integrations 
  • Strong problem solving and communication skills