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Callypso: Senior Software Engineer (React, Node)


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Headquarters: Oregon

Company Description

We are a B2B SaaS company in stealth mode.
Job Description

Join an early-stage, venture-backed startup that solves a real-world problem in the B2B SaaS space. If you enjoy a flat leadership structure in companies where you can contribute to ideas, new technologies, and suggested improvements without going through several levels of managers, this role might be for you. If you like transparency and open communication in a company, if you like focusing on solving problems, instead of attending a million meetings, and if you can appreciate the benefits of being one of the very first recruits in a new startup, then we could be a great fit together!

About You

Whether you’re building new features, integrations, a new API, or a whole product from scratch, you’re self-driven and collaborative. You’re an autonomous individual who is passionate about writing beautiful and concise code. You’re willing to work with other engineers, designers, and customer-facing teams to turn our dreams into reality. 

As a Web Full Stack Engineer, your responsibilities include:

Implementing improvements

Planning, building, and maintaining cross-stack features

Asking questions about things you don’t understand and challenging the status quo

For the best possible fit, we are looking for someone who:

Has experience writing real-world software to solve real-world problems.

Communicates well, both interpersonally and in their code.

Is a natural problem solver, who knows how to solve problems by automating their solutions.

Understands the role and impact that programming can have on the real world.

Wants to develop and grow their skills in programming and leadership within the organization.

We are looking for people who have a strong understanding of algorithms and design patterns that can apply those concepts to a production-level codebase. Knowledge and experience with Javascript, React and Express is required. Knowledge about Salesforce, Gmail, and billing software integrations is a bonus. This position is the foundation for launching a career with us, with the expectation that you’ll carry these skills into new domains.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Full-time, salaried position ($60-$65K)
  • Unlimited paid vacation days
  • Flexible working hours

    • We are more focused on the job being done than when you did it, as long as it is done by the deadline
  • Stock options

    • Have a part of the company that you will be helping us build

Next Steps:

Applying is easy. There are just four steps to our process. The first is completing the questions below. The second is a small at-home exercise. The third is an interview with our CTO. The fourth is an interview with our CEO. After the fourth step, the decision is made within 24 hours. The entire process takes about a week.

What's the URL of your website? If you don't have one, why not?

What's your coding history? When did you start, and what have you done between then and now?

What was your favorite job you had so far? What made it so great?

What do you want to do with the rest of your life, and how do you think working at an early-stage start-up is a step toward your long-term goals?

Have you dedicated any time to a side hustle/project? What was it about? Is it still active? What did that experience teach you?

Is the CV not your thing? That’s great, it isn’t ours either! Forward your responses to the questions and anything else you want to add to b2Mub3NweWxsYWNAbmF5aXRzaXJr. We're excited to hear from you!


After this:

  • We'll approach you with a simple take at-home test

    • Nothing more than 2-3 hours top, we appreciate your time and the goal is to use the test so we can have something more to talk about during our first interview
  • Then you'll have an interview with our CTO
  • Then an interview with our CEO

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

To apply:

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