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Vacancy: Java Software Engineer Wageningen

  • Would you like to work in a domain with a direct impact on healthier food for billions of people around the world?
  • Would you like to work in an environment where you work with modern technology and you can work with Big Data issues?
  • Would you like to work with modern technology such as Java11, Spring Boot, Docker, Spark, Cassandra, NoSQL, Hadoop?
  • Do you also prefer to do this within a very flexible and informal company with, 36 vacation days and home work opportunities?

Then we have the job for you!

Your employer: Data Driven solutions improves world for billions of people! (NO GMO!)

Eating, we do it every day and preferably as healthy as possible. But how is it actually ensured that our food becomes more healthier? This small technology company has been the company for improvement of our food for several decades. Here, a robust platform, Big Data and years of knowledge of food have been combined into an innovative product. This organization ensures that we as consumers have access to increasingly healthier food. How cool is that! Important to know that we are no speaking about genetically modified organism (GMO). This technology club has a very innovative character and that is why a lot of R&D takes place here. People are constantly looking for the systems to work even more precisely and faster. After all, we are talking about healthier food for the world's population. Every profit counts here. It will not surprise you that the systems are built up very qualitatively and that they are dealing with enormous amounts of data. You will also encounter a wide range of technologies here. Think of a Java8, Spring Boot, and Docker environments for the applications, Spark / Hadoop clusters for big data environment combined with a Cassandra database and VueJS and React for the dashboards that were developed here for analytics. The organization is characterized by a very informal and flexible character. In addition to the technical challenges, the work and private balance is very important here. So you can enjoy 36 holidays and the possibility to work at home, also the working hours are flexible. There is also an unlimited training budget and they visit conferences such as the GoTo, DevOxx and Code Motion on a regular base. This gives you sufficient time during working hours to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Your role: Java Software Engineer Wageningen

In your role as Java Software Engineer Wageningen you work together with a team of experienced engineers on the further development of the Big Data Platform. Here you work on the application environment where you take care of the communication between the APIs, the running of the data pipeline / clusters and the many other features that the platform knows. Of course you also investigate which features can be developed to increase the possibilities of this platform. And do some R&D to find out which technologies are best to use. Do you like to develop the front-end with Vue or React? There are also possibilities here, but it is certainly not expected from you. Besides bending over technical complex challenges, you can grab other responsibilities. You can guide less experienced engineers and R&D for new technologies. There is enough "play time" here to be creative and explore all the tech you are interested in.

Growth opportunities

As a Java Software engineer Wageningen you get the opportunity to grow in the role of lead Developer. Here you will give direction to projects introduce new technologies en improving software engineering best practises.

What is asked for?

  • A completed Bachelor or Master in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar
  • A minimum of 4 years of professional Java Software Engineering experience
  • Experience with Spring Boot, Cloud and/or Data is a plus
  • Experience with Microservices and tools such as Docker and/or Kubernetes is a plus
  • Experience with building REST APIs is a plus
  • Experience with Spark and/or NoSQL is a plus
  • Experience with MySQL and/or Cassandra is a plus
  • Experience with Python or Scala is a plus
  • Experience with CI/CD, Clean Coding, automated testing and TDD is an plus
  • Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks such as VueJS or React is a plus

What is offered?

  • Salary between up to € 68.000 based on full time
  • 36 holidays based on full time
  • Excellent pension scheme
  • Possibilities for working from home
  • Very Flexible working hours
  • Unlimited training budget
  • Time for visiting conferences
  • Travel allowance

Are you interested in building Data Driven Solutions that contribute to better nutrition for billions of people worldwide?


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