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Remote UX Designer in DevOps at Cycloid (Paris, France) (allows remote)


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About us

Cycloid is a SaaS & on-premise simple and non-intrusive DevOps framework, optimizing people's use of technology and the cloud. We help teams contribute to projects and work smarter together, regardless of their skillset, all the while ensuring governance and maintaining flexibility. We already contribute to numerous IT services across Europe. 

We strongly believe in:

  • Open Source as we contribute, develop, and release Open Source technologies
  • Teal organization model to ensure scalability WITH people and not OVER them
  • A full-transparency on every topic

We are 30 passionate Europeans from 7 countries, doubling the revenue and the team every year. We’re speeding up development thanks to a 4.5 M€ fundraising round in 2019.

One goal: take the global leadership in Open Source DevOps framework.

Your challenge

As a Technological UX designer, you will play a critical role in our product comprehension and design. You will be collectively responsible for optimizing the use and profitability of our framework, by making its interface as readable, pleasant and intuitive as possible for the user. 

As such you will: 

  • Help the team build UI/UX design of our frontend
  • Work on organizing the information using the proper architecture
  • Efficiently hand down the UX data, processes, and decisions to the team
  • Take part in defining the product roadmap from a user-centric perspective
  • Connect user value & design strategy with business growth
  • Manage the design and evolution of the GUI in association with the Frontend and Design teams, from the upstream to the delivery
  • Create scenarios, wireframes, screens, and user stories according to the graphic style guide / corporate identity
  • Organize workshops and tests, to analyse our users’ needs to help integrate them into production
  • Conduct benchmarks and audit the existing product
  • Find, prioritize and solve UX/UI issues and raise team awareness of ergonomic issues
  • Monitor, update, and train teams on UX / UI guidelines and good practices
  • Share some good times once every trimester at our headquarters in Paris to work all together on our strategy, roadmap, next features, …
  • Define your own goals, agenda, and priorities
  • Share your ideas and knowledge with others and be listened to, on every topic regarding the company, not only UX/UI


You are a passionate, knowledgeable, and friendly UX Designer with a good understanding of the DevOps world, or at least have the habit of deep tech technologies. You have been crafting professional-looking and user-friendly UI for several years and know exactly what makes a positive UI.

Customer centric, your communication skills enable you to connect with users in a collaborative way, both internally and externally. You are able to confront your ideas and designs to others and discuss opinions in search for a middle ground. Naturally proactive, you can make decisions, stick to them, and never wait for things to move by themselves.

You believe that to contribute, share and manage yourself is enough, and have no interest in managing others.

Essential skills:

  • A good understanding of cloud hosting, infrastructure management, CI/CD, and devOps in general
  • Users interview, focus groups, personae, user journey, experience maps, UI audits, 6to1, Crazy8, design sprint, …
  • Keeping up to date with best practices and new technologies in UX
  • Ability to find the best GIFs and emoji for all situations
  • Full English proficiency
  • Full Remote proficiency
  • GitHub, Slack, Trello, Hangout full proficiency (no emails… it’s so 20th century !)

If you can support us in getting things shipped, all the while maintaining good communication (with great GIF game), you will be truly welcome!

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process is following 3 steps: 

  • Interview with Alexandra from HR
  • Use case reviewed by the team
  • Team Hangout meeting

Feel free to send us your CV, profile and/or portfolio to [email protected]

Cycloid is committed to having equal opportunities for everyone!

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