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Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup founded by ex-Google and SpaceX engineers who want to completely revolutionize urban air travel within the next decade. We combine computer vision, deep learning, and robotics to develop full “level-5” autonomy for flying vehicles, in particular, the electric VTOLs that you may have seen in the media. Your Role: Improve and maintain image and video processing tools for our Data Annotation team, and develop new tooling in support of the development of Neural Networks-based algorithms to completely and reliably replace the human pilot, only bound by the laws of Nature and rules of the air. Learn the best practices from teams at nearby partner companies, and explore options for collaboration. The job will consist of maintaining existing annotation tools written mostly in Python and creating new supporting tools for the team.

You are smart and get stuff done, and have:

  • 3+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Strong problem-solving capabilities.
  • Applied engineering skills.
  • Good command of the English and Russian languages.
 Experience with GUI and full-stack development, image and video processing, large data processing, data pipelines and familiarity with Machine Learning will be considered pluses, but experience in aerospace engineering or avionics is not required. Good working knowledge of Python is essential, of Go is a plus.


  • Combine the best of both worlds; a) work in fast-growing startup and b) collaborate with and learn from very experienced engineers and scientists that have previously worked at Google, SpaceX, Apple, Nvidia, CERN, and Rolls Royce,
  • Build professional, maintainable cutting-edge technology that will shape our future,
  • Get quick feedback from a team of motivated professionals on tools you make and improve to make their daily work more enjoyable and effective.
How to Apply:Send your Resume/CV, including your portfolio of projects to [email protected] Tell us a bit about yourself, why you think you are a good fit for us and why we are a good fit for you.
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