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Node.js Developer, Parcel Delivery App


Opis pracy

The client is a British company that provides ready-made white label solutions for sending/returning packages, tracking goods logistics, data management, billing, and more. The client’s main customers are large postal companies, branded clothing stores, “door-to-door” delivery companies, etc. Geographically they cover Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, etc. Technical description:- Microservice architecture is based on ABC services- The main part is on AWS Lambda, the smaller part is on EC2- The database is Couchbase, supplemented by SyncGateway- The codebase is JavaScript and Node.js.


  • Building backend components (APIs, crons, serverless functions) using Node.js
  • Managing infrastructure of microservices in Kubernetes
  • Designing the system’s BE components and their interactions

Must have

  • 4+ years of experience with the Node.js platform
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript
  • Experience with microservice based architecture
  • Understanding of the main design patterns, the principles of building client-server systems
  • Experience with AWS products (Lambda, EC2, ECS, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB) or their analogs
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Couchbase or other DBMS of the NoSQL class
  • Skills with version control systems (Git)
  • Good spoken English

Would be a plus

  • Skilled with frameworks and libraries: Express, Lodash, Bluebird, etc.
  • Experience applying unit testing (Mocha, Chai)
  • Experience with REST Endpoints
  • Experience configuring AWS (routing, balancing, DNS)
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