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Scala Developer, Banking App


Opis pracy

DataArt is currently engaged in the process of modernizing the IT-structure of a commercial bank whose assets are worth roughly $2 billion. The number of services the bank provides to their clients is constantly growing, and so does the number of clients (several million as of today). This fact drives the bank to expand the features of their IT systems, which is done by using cutting-edge technologies. DataArt’s specialists are currently helping the company to implement this. Our specialists develop, test, and support client applications and parts of the bank’s internal system. They all must work fast and under high load while being flexible enough to also introduce new features. The applications we’re creating help the clients with their financial history and analyze financial flows. DataArt is also integrating applications with payment systems and other external services. Technology stack: Scala, akka-http, Alpakka, Slick, Kafka, Kafka Streams, gRPC, Cassandra, Oracle, Couchbase. Must have
  • Development experience using Scala (a background in Java or Kotlin would be a plus)
  • Experience with functional programming languages
  • Practical experience in database design
  • Experience using the Akka Scala framework
  • Knowledge of or experience with the Confluent platform (Kafka, Kafka Streams, Alpakka)
  • Experience using NoSQL (Cassandra, Couchbase)
  • Experience using ORM (Slick)
  • Knowledge of OOP, OOD, and design patterns
  • Ability to use automatic testing systems (JUnit, ScalaTest, ScalaMock)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Teamwork skills

Would be a plus

  • Experience in maintaining project documentation
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and libraries (e.g. Angular.js, jQuery)
  • Knowledge of HTTP and WebSockets
  • Experience using Java Spring frameworks (IOC, Security)
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