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Senior Software Test Engineer at HyperScience (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Ta praca ma 23 miesiące i prawdopodobnie nie jest już dostępna.

Opis pracy

At HyperScience we bring AI to the enterprise. Our products help enterprises become more productive, efficient, and competitive by automating various types of office work and reducing bureaucratic burden both on businesses and their customers. We take a heterogeneous approach to AI, using a blend of what are traditionally considered different fields of ML: deep learning, computer vision, and NLP, among others. We believe that delivering AI to the enterprise is the key to unlocking new applications of human potential, and we are excited to execute on our plan to do so.

We’re looking for an awesome engineer to join us on our exciting journey to the zero-bugs goal!  

What You’ll Achieve:

  • Design, develop and maintain tests - manual and automated for applications in the leading-edge technology stack; 
  • Assure high confidence in the quality of the features delivered by your team;
  • Improve the continuous delivery process via ongoing and just-in-time testing - manual and automated;
  • Enable built-in quality with valuable feedback early in the development process;
  • Optimise bug-fixing with effective and efficient troubleshooting;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the development and testing processes;

Required Skills:

  • At least 5+ years of experience in the QA field and Test Automation
  • Mastery of Python, JavaScript or other programming languages
  • Experience in creating Performance and Load tests.
  • Experience in test frameworks for distributed service-oriented architecture with different database providers 
  • Experience with REST API testing
  • Experience with CI/CD platforms
  • Understanding of virtualization and application containerization
  • Experience with test management systems
  • Bachelor of Computer Science or related 
  • Good skills at Mathematics

Desired Qualities: 

  • Tireless bug hunter - A self-driven and curious explorer who is not afraid of bugs;
  • Critical thinker and collaborator - Can work successfully with multiple partners across test, engineering and product to early identify areas of improvement;
  • Creative test technician - Knows test design techniques by heart and can ingeniously apply them for better and faster coverage;
  • Developer-friendly - Speaks both technical and business language;
  • Proficient storyteller - Has excellent verbal and written communication skills (in English);
  • Pragmatic bug advocate - Context-based and risk-based tester with a clear understanding of priorities;
  • Loves bugs as much as hates them - Enjoys testing and wouldn’t easily settle with “it’s a feature!” in pursuit of high quality;
  • Skilful tools integrator - Experience of using various tools/apps for test planning, test data generation, test design and analysis, etc;
  • Determined troubleshooter - Will strive to contribute to the defect correction process;
  • UX enthusiast - Understands usability and UX, and importance of design and presentation;
  • Adequate automation visioner - Has a proper sense of automation (and humour);
  • Development and test process guardian - Has in-depth knowledge of best software testing and QA practices and is capable of adequately communicating them to the team;
  • Trustworthy and energetic team player with a super strong work ethic, self-motivated, willing and able to do whatever it takes to deliver.
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