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IntroductionMotosumo is an innovative Danish startup founded in 2014 and based in Copenhagen. We are a fit-tech company that delivers live streaming indoor bike classes; think Peloton, but for everyone. Our app, along with some cutting-edge machine learning, uses the sensors built into smartphones to provide a more fun, engaging fitness experience, no matter what bike you are using at home. Our live streaming solution is already on the market, and now, we are looking to ramp up development to make the experience even smoother and our classes even more engaging.We are a small, close-knit team working in a fast-moving and ever-changing market. Our team is growing, and we’re looking for a senior full-stack developer to join the fold.The jobOur current solution is built on a React Native app for iOS and Android, and a React.js web front-end with game components developed in Unity. Our backend is based on Python, Elixir, Redis, PostgreSQL, and deployed with Terraform, Chef, and Docker on AWS.Our tech department consists of nine developers (or at least it will after you have been hired), and is split between two four-person teams: the Live Experience team, and the Activation and Subscriptions team. You will be part of the Activation and Subscriptions team, together with our experienced and dedicated full-stack and front-end developers. The team is responsible for creating the smoothest experience possible for our users, whether it’s making it easy to sign up for a trial, joining the right class, or setting up the best environment for using our product at home with a stationary bike.Your job will be to help create a superlative user experience. That might involve making the app faster and more responsive, developing a slick UI for the onboarding flow, coming up with clever solutions for sign-in across multiple applications, making it easy to subscribe to our application, or just keeping everything humming along while optimizing our build process.Apart from the other developers on your team, you will be working closely with our product owner and UX designer. But you will still have freedom to shape the new features that you’ll be implementing with the rest of the team.You will be part of a team that maintains both a React.js web app, a React Native app, and a very central component of our Python and postgreSQL-based backend. You need to take responsibility for all aspects of a project to ensure the user always gets a great, reliable, and consistent experience with our product.Who you areYou are a senior full stack developer, and preferably you already know your way around React JS, React Native, Python, and AWS. But, being the developer you are, you won’t have any problems getting to grips with new technologies, or any other skill you might need in order to do your job a little better.We understand you can’t be an expert at everything, but you will be part of a cross-functional team, so we’d be excited to hear about any hidden skill you might have that could help us build a better product. That could include having an eye for UI design work; a knack for designing a totally frictionless, yet secure, authentication system; or insights into creating great RESTful API’s.You will be working with a lot of different profiles at Motosumo, and that’s ok because communication and teamwork is something you enjoy. You know that writing software is a team sport, so you feel it’s essential that your code is well tested and documented. Also, you might enjoy working for Motosumo so much that one day, you might be the one that has to figure out what that clever bit of code actually does.What we offerA role in an exciting startup with an ambitious team, right as we embark on a journey into a new market of live, online fitness classes. We need to scale our platform and implement a ton of new features, so there will be plenty of challenges along the way.Even though we’re currently very busy shipping new features, we promise to do our best to help you adapt to the new role, and we’ll give you plenty of time to grow as a developer and as a member of the team.The word “startup” sometimes conjures up the dreaded “bro culture” stereotype (yuck!), but in this case, it’s not true. We are very much an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity and mutual respect.Perks and benefitsThis job comes with several perks and benefits.Reasonable Work-Life BalanceSure, we’re a startup, but that doesn’t mean it’s always crunch time around here! Of course, there are periods where there is a lot of work to do, but we strongly believe that you should be able to have time for yourself and your family. So we work hard to ensure everyone has a healthy work-life balance. So far we’ve been successful delivering on that promise.Free lunchThey say there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, but we do have a nice canteen at the office, where you can enjoy lunch with your colleagues, every day (after the pandemic!), at a very reasonable rate.Fresh fruit, coffee, and soda.Fruit, coffee and soda is available, free of charge, at the office.Remote WorkOur physical office is in Copenhagen, but like everyone else, we have been affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, so our team has been mostly working remotely for the last two years. Even before the pandemic, we had remote developers, and after all this is over, remote work will continue to be an option when you are working for Motosumo.Competitive SalaryWe offer a competitive salary and, if you’re interested, the option to convert a percentage of it into equity.Pension and Health InsuranceWe offer a pension plan and health insurance as part of the package.6 weeks of vacationWe are open to hiring a developer based abroad, so even if you don’t live in Denmark, you’ll still enjoy the generous Danish vacation allowance.
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