ScaleFocus Company Profile

Senior Front-end Developer


Opis pracy

Reach new technical heights and:

  • Communicate with other Front-end developers within the company on best practices, new technologies, etc.
  • Grow your technical skillset and enhance your career 
  • Tackle complex problems while creating some of the most advanced applications in the industry 
  • Ensure the solution is scalable and meets overall business requirements 
  • Guide technical teams to deliver flexible and scalable solutions 
  • Provide mentorship and supervise developers 
  • Work with client-side and distributed development teams 
  • Consult with clients on best practices in architecture and implementation
  • Enhance the coding principles and guidelines of the Front-end division

If you have/are:

  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  • Good knowledge of transpilers (Babel) and their purpose
  • Knowledge of the ins-and-outs of ES5/ES6/TS
  • Good knowledge of the V8 engine and how it works
  • Experience with Vue, Angular, React or other frameworks
  • Good knowledge of RESTful APIs and working with XHR
  • Good understanding of OOP principles, Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns
  • Fundamental understanding of Functional Programming paradigms
  • Experience in responsive and mobile WEB development
  • Experience with web systems running on various OS and browsers, including older versions
  • Strong understanding of CSS pre-processors (SASS / SCSS) and task runners (Grunt, Gulp, Webpack is preferred)
  • Solid understanding of Requirements management
  • Strong understanding of performance optimization techniques, caching and versioning for static resources
  • Solid understanding of development lifecycle, including working experience with Git/GitFlow, Pull Requests and Code Reviews

And you stand out with:

  • Experience with Node.JS
  • Experience with and Cloud-based architectures
  • Experience in setup and maintain continuous integration & delivery (Jenkins / Pipelines/ TravisCI)
  • Experience with Scrum
  • Experience with Unit testing for JavaScript – Karma, Jasmine or other;
  • Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science, Informatics or an equivalent program
  • Profiling JavaScript applications, CPU/Memory/Execution Time/Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Experience with Performance management, measurement
  • Experience with Accessibility, ARIA, WAI, WCAG
  • An understanding of Code-splitting and application chunking
  • Understanding of compression Gzip/Brotli/Zopfli/etc.
  • Understanding of browser caching policies and browser storage
  • Experience with Service Workers



Plovdiv / Varna / Burgas / Skopje / Sofia